Bug: Dates for text messages in web app


    Repro steps:

    1. In the web app, select the Messages tab
    2. In the Conversations list, select a contact that has more than a week's worth of messages.
    3. Scroll to the top.



    All messages have the time and day of week, but no date.


    Expected Result:

    Messages for the last 6 days plus today, should have time and day of week. Messages older than that should have full date.

    For example, if I see just "12:45PM Mon", I should be able to assume it is in the last week. If that is all I can see when I scroll back to the beginning, I can't tell whether it is from 1 week ago or 5.



    Here is a sample I took today (a Thursday.) You can tell the first message was more than a week ago (because there is a Saturday after it. But can you definitively tell me whether it was 1 week ago? 2 weeks ago? More? I'm not sure because it is around Christmas and I had time off, so I may not have texted her during that time.


    Bug Dates.png

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