SMS on DIGITS phone


    Dear T-Mobile,


    SMS is working fine on my DIGITS phone (inbound only; I haven't tested outbound since it is a non-smart phone and I am lazy enough to not try that).


    However, I think synchronization happens every time when a message is received. What I mean is, if I get a  text 1 and I have read that in both phones, then when text 2 comes in, my DIGITS phone says 2 unread messages, whereas only 1 is unread. So far I have received 38 messages, but I am positive that when 39th message comes in, it is going to say 39 unread messages.


    This is not a "show stopper" kind of defect, but affects user experience




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      • tmo_evan

        Re: SMS on DIGITS phone

        Thanks for participating in the beta.  This is unfortunately a known limitation since all the old "non-smart phones" and even old smartphones don't know anything about DIGITS and thus can't communicate back to us to let us know that you've read the message in another place.


        While it would be very cool to go back and fix it on every possible phone out there, it's kind of a lot of work for not a huge payoff.  Thus this and the fact that your outbound messages form your main DIGITS phone don't show up on the old phone were some trade-offs we thought people would be willing to live with in order to have the flexibility and freedom to use any phone at any time with your DIGITS.


        Hopefully you'll agree with us and you'll notice as we move forward, newer devices will have some more intelligence to understand what's happening on all of your devices when your DIGITS are in use.