Can I return to my grandfathered Simple Choice plan from T-Mobile ONE at all?


    Hi everyone!


    I just started another question regarding video quality when streaming video services using SMHS to my television on T-Mobile ONE. I know how this works on my current Simple Choice plan and I love it! 


    What I want to know is if I switch to T-Mobile ONE and it doesn't work the same or I just am overall unhappy with the 512kbps SMHS speed (and do not wish to pay for the $25/month add-on), is there a time frame I can switch back to my existing plan?  It's the Simple Choice NA 10GB Family promo plan where four lines was $120. I also pay the $15 add-on for unlimited data/14GB high-speed SMHS on one line.  I've read lots of explanations about it, but I just don't know what 512kbps looks like real world. It's kind of like explaining to someone what steak tastes like who has never eaten meat.


    So, if I hate T-Mobile ONE, can I switch back at all? On the same day? 3 days later? 14 days later?  I know when I used to have Verizon before switching, you can call and get back any grandfathered feature you lost within 14 days of the change. I'm just not sure how T-Mobile works.


    Thanks in advance!

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