never received refund deposit



    I was a former tmobile user.

    Tmobile said they sent 30dollars deposit refunded by prepaid card via Citibank on 11/7/16.

    I never received that and my billing address is different with present address. I called Citibank many times as tmobile asked me to do so. They can't pull up any accounts with me, no any record that they sent. They also asked me if I got any reference number for this issue from tmobile, but I don't have anything.

    my tmobile account number is XXXXXXXXX and primary holder name is donghoon l.

    Please help..!



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: never received refund deposit

        Hi jsjeon12 - I'm so sorry that you're still waiting for this deposit refund!  I appreciate that you're taking the time to reach out here for assistance - especially since it sounds like the advisement that you received to reach out to the card issuer has not been successful.  I'm sorry to say that we're not able to review individual accounts here on the Support Community since it's a user forum - but I'd like to make sure we're on the right track here.  I'm going to send you a PM in a few to verify the number you've been calling and help you determine next steps to get this resolved, please check your inbox here in a few!  Thank you!


        - Marissa