Malfunctioning touchscreen, help


    My android (LG D415) touchscreen randomly started not working right. Its been 3 days now, the first day it happened it worked sometimes and sometimes it didn't. the second day it was the same thing, and now today it doesn't work at all now. I tried hard resetting/resetting it, i tried updating it, taking the sim card/sd/ and battery out and leaving it off for a while, and i tried slamming it too. Nothing works. When i try to put in those secret codes on the dial-pad; those #4535# type numbers, it always says failed to connect or invalid MMI. I remember the phone mentioning a battery problem but that was only once. And when i ran a health statistics, the phone said the battery was good. So is there any other options left, or is the phone done?


    Edit: I want to mention when i said it doesn't work at all, i meant its malfunctioning. It recognizes my touch but does the wrong things. scrolling up and down is the worst, and the keyboard lags on touch. Its borderline impossible to use, because of how bad the touchscreen works.

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