How do I enable the FM Radio feature on the V10 H901?


    According the google, V10 has the radio chip but @Tmobile disabled it.


    How do I enable? I would like to listen to NPR >:(

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        LG disabled it...


        The way it works which the media fails to tell people. There is an associated cost into adding FM. Generally carriers don't buy into it because they feel they shouldn't pay for it. Manufacturers instead of paying for it on their own and making it a standard feature(this makes it where carriers can't remove it. Court rulings back this up) they'd rather someone else fit the bill. They do in Europe due to the fact they pay an average of $100 before VAT is factored in.


        I still think to this day manufacturers need to stop Nicole and diming their features and have it all standard. Just price it where they want to price it and be done with it. If people feel it is worth that much they'll pay for it.

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