Why so many dup phone numbers in a contact?


    My wife has 3 phone numbers:

    • Mobile
    • Tablet (listed as "Custom")
    • Home


    In the contact in DIGITS, I see:

    • Mobile (labeled as "Work") listed 3 times
    • Tablet (Custom) listed 2 times
    • Home listed 1 time.

    That is a total of 6 entries for only 3 phone numbers.

    (I understand this is probably because DIGITS imports contacts from multiple sources.)


    Expected Result:

    If multiple phone numbers have the same phone number and are labeled the same (e.g. "Custom") then only display them once.


    Similar work should be done for e-mails.

    Out of interest, why are you displaying e-mails, which DIGITS doesn't use, but you aren't including other info, such as addresses, etc.

    I would recommend either including all standard stuff, or only the stuff DIGITS uses.

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