How come T-Mobile stores don't have an IPad Pro on display?


    I was very close to buying an IPad pro last weekend .... I wanted to get two actually... but the three t-mobile stores I went into had none for display. I was told they had them to sell to me, but none available  for me to touch and feel. One Rep told me to visit a local BEST BUY to see the I'll probably visit the apple store next month... I'm sure they have one on display.... I'll buy one from Apple instead.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Bummer, barcodeable!  Sorry we didn't have a tester in any of the stores you visited, I can't imagine that driving all over during pre-holiday weekend madness was easy.   

        Stores may receive sale inventory but not a display for a variety of reasons, so it's difficult to say exactly why they weren't there for your hands-on experience.  Of course you're totally welcome to pick up an iPad Pro wherever you like, and I don't blame you one bit for wanting to test one out first (especially since for many of us, it's an investment).

        Thank you for the feedback, I don't imagine you're the only person who'd like to hold a device before they commit to it - we will pass it on.


        - Marissa