I send in six iphone 6+, received and signed off by T-Mobile


    Now, three months later, TM still said they haven't not able to locate the phones. After many phone calls, it seems to be reaching to a dead end. They insisted not able to credit my account until they scanned my phone into their system.


    1.) I did what was told to do, us TM provided UPS label to ship my phones back to their warehouse in Coppell, TX. Received and signed off by TM employees E.Roberts and PALM.


    2.) TM SR told me an UPS delivery confirmation does not mean the phones were actually delivered.


    3.) Offer me $50 credit for six phones they received. Nice offer I declined.


    I think this just wrong when TM failed to honor their offers and to steal their customer's phones to benefit their business.


    I am taking this BS to court with my lawyer. Let's do class action on this deceptive business practice.

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