So ready to switch


    So I been with tmobile for 3 years now and I'm fed up.  I just paid $250 and was told I could then make a payment arrangement and have my service restored.  I was then told by customer service that I was such a valued customer but they need $184 in order to do anything.  Need mind you my bill isn't due till the 6th of Jan. I'm in shock I'm such a valued customer yet you don't  me like you.  I'm seriously thinking of switching to another carrier.


    Anyone else ever have an issue like this?

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      • htghtg

        Re: So ready to switch

        I'm still trying to discern what your issue is.. Is it with the process of the Payment arrangements, or perhaps something else entirely? Is there any more information regarding the $184.00 that was requested?


        Thanks and let me know!



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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: So ready to switch

          Hi there dlg713.  I'm sorry to read about this experience - it can't begin to imagine how it felt to hear that you had a further balance than you expected - especially if we advised you of one amount then and then turned around and requested another.  It sounds like we dropped the ball there, and I'm so sorry that happened.  Sometimes there is a minimum balance that must be settled before an account is eligible for a payment arrangement/restoral of service, typically it's based on the number of days past due that balance is.  To really be able to address your concern, we'd need to look at your account, but since the Support Community is a user forum, moderators here are not able to view individual account details.  We don't want to lose your business if we can help it - to make sure that the balance we're requesting is accurate, please Contact Us.


          - Marissa