Unlimited data plan question?


    Now that coverage in my area is amazing in the places that matter to me i am just able to blow through data like no other. My question is this though what is considered abusive use of the network? I.e is 100gb to much to use a month or how about 150 etc. This might sound like extreme usage but t-mobile is kinda the only real alternative to my local isp who also imposes data caps so i'm trying to supplement my video consumption by just useing my phone. Plus like i said its super fast.


    To help i have a old simple choice unlimited plan. The North American one and i'm not tethering just useing the phone itself. I just want to make sure what i'm doing is considered cool or if i need to cool my jets on the sweet LTE. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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        Re: Unlimited data plan question?

        It boils down to how congested the towers are.


        I live in Hawaii with low saturation. I at times average 120GB of usage and I don't get "throttled", but when I go to certain parts in California(work related) on certain towers I will average around 250kbps but as soon as I go down 3 blocks I jump back up to normal speeds.