Text messaging with virtual number.


    When texting or calling someone from the virtual number, will they receive the message or call through my original number or virtual? I am wondering in case I give out my virtual number, but my reply is through my original number. And if that is the case, what is the purpose of having two different numbers?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Text messaging with virtual number.

        Depends on what version of DIGITS you are going with!


        Are you going with one number, multiple devices, or multiple devices, one number?



        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Text messaging with virtual number.

          Happy New Year lizettemejia!  Thanks for participating in the DIGITS Beta - do you mind clarifying which program you signed up for?  We want you to know how it's intended to work!   


          - Marissa

          • tmo_tim_b

            Re: Text messaging with virtual number.

            Hello lizettemejia


            We just wanted to reach out with you again to see how this is going and to make sure we answer your questions. Since you stated you have a virtual number, I'm taking it you have the one device, multiple numbers. In that case, everything you do with the virtual number should show up as the virtual number. If that's not the case, we need to know.


            The duplicate number program does assign a virtual number as well, but in that case you would not give out the virtual number. You still get the activation number, but as the intention is to duplicate an existing number, your original number would be the only number you need and use.


            Hope that helps!