Is there any way I can still do a trade in?


    Here's my deal. A while ago, I had an LG G4. That device had a boot loop issue. I used a warranty exchange on the device, but instead of sending me another LG G4, they sent me a Galaxy S6 edge. I asked if they had any items to protect my phone(cases, screen protectors, etc.) and they said they didn't have any. 2 days after I got the phone, I cracked the screen due to not having any case on it. Here are the problems I have with the phone.


    • I am not satisfied with the camera quality
    • Low battery life
    • Will not be recognized as a storage device by my computer
    • Phone runs very slowly


    I hate having this phone. I want another one, but I'm not sure I can trade it in because the screen is cracked. I am a broke college student so I really can't afford to do much. What is the cheapest solution here?

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