Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits


    I wanted to create a post for this and continue the conversation here as I feel in this post its diverging from the topic.  I'm having a couple of issues with contact synchronization.


    1) on the web app, if you see the attachment, I'm getting a few duplicate contacts as you can see with contact number 2 and 3.  If I look at the contact itself, the only difference between the contact is not in content, but in formatting.  So one of the contacts is formatted as +1(555) 555-5555, and the other is +1-555-555-5555.  Whats going on with these contacts, I can tell that one of them is the contact for whatsapp and the other is how I saved it in the phone but this should not be treated as two separate numbers or contacts?  It hasn't sync'd back to my phone, so my phones contacts don't look like this, neither do they on the DIGITS app on my phone.  The DIGITS app on my phone mimic whats on my device.  Also, look at the name, spaces are showing up as "%20"


    2) I can't use the iPad app anymore.  It started because I was not getting the contacts synchronized, so I signed out of the device and tried signing back in.  Ever since, I can't sign back in on the iPad.  I'm provided the option to request access by phone number, which I did and accepted via the link and pressed Allow.  It didn't do anything on my ipad, and crashes on the ipad so I'm not able to hit refresh.  I then tried signing in with my tmobile account, and that didn't work either as it would crash.  I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but its just saying Please Wait.. it won't log in.  I tried uninstalling, restarting the ipad, and then reinstalling and it still only crashes.  I think it might have to do with my slow internet connection since I'm not in the US, or maybe my location, but it should not have this effect it should just take time.  It also works on my browser, and on my Android.  What could this be?


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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

        Sorry that it's not working as desired.  I think some of the issue is that we are basically importing the contacts from the device and mastering one devices to be contacts.  Hopefully this oddity is only confined to the DIGITS app and web and is not being written back to your phone's address book.


        On the iPad, not sure why the app won't load.  Can you try deleting the app and reinstalling?

          • giyad

            Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

            I'm actually speaking with support to pinpoint the issue with the ipad.


            The contacts however, it is confined to the webapp, my phone displays the contacts as it does in the address book of my phone, but on the web app i get those duplicates.  I wanted to test on the iPad as well, but having that issue of the app crashing.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

            Hey giyad,


            We are still working on your iPad issue but I wanted to to check and see if you are still seeing the duplicate/formatting issues with your web portal contacts.

              • giyad

                Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                Hi Chrisl,


                Yes I do still see the duplicate/formatting issues on the web portal.  Also yes I still can't log in on the iPad.


                Right now, it works on my phone, and it works on the web app.  The webapp has issues with contacts from the cloud.

                  • tmo_tim_b

                    Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                    Hello giyad


                    Just trying to get more information to see if we can find out what's going on with your contacts! Are all of or your affected contacts linked? I know in my phone I may only show one contact, but in some cases where I've brought contacts in from other sources (FB, WhatsApp, etc) it may actually be two or three contacts combined. You mentioned WhatsApp, so I'm wondering if DIGITs is simply separating them since the are technically two distinct contacts.

                      • giyad

                        Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                        So first of all the formatting of any names with spaces show the spaces as %20.  For example, I have someone named John Smith, he will show up as John%20Smith on the webapp.


                        The duplicates are because of formatting as well, and I think you are right it has to do with Whatsapp.  Lets say I have a contact named John Smith, and when I stored his number in my contact book, I stored his number as +1-555-555-5555.  Whatsapp will take this contact and format the number as +1 (555) 555-5555.  In turn, I have on my phone one contact, but with two details and on the webapp it separates the two details to two contacts. For example, on my phone I will have John Smith, with +1-555-555-5555 for the regular mobile and +1 (555) 555-5555 for whatsapp.  On the webapp, there will be two John%20Smith, and each one with one number, not both.


                        So yes, you are right, its from whatsapp but its simply a formatting issue.  You need to, on import, recognize different formatting options and   The weird thing is, if I have a contact with 3 numbers, it only splits the whatsapp number and the other numbers stick to one contact.


                        For example:


                        I have a contact named John Smith.  He has three numbers +555892094837, +1-555-555-5555, and +1-555-555-5567.  One of those numbers is his whatsapp, +1-555-555-5555, so it gets added to the contact on my phone (though not as a contact detail, it shows whatsapp next to the number and this is how android works with whatsapp) +1 (555) 555-5555.  In turn, when I synchronize my contacts to DIGITS, I will now have two contacts.  One will be John%20Smith with all 3 numbers, without the whatsapp formatted number.  Then I will have another contact John%20Smith with only one number, and that would be the whatsapp number, in this case +1 (555) 555-5555.

                  • azdreamscape

                    Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                    I'm having the same/a similar issue with the web interface.

                    I'm not sure where it is pulling the information from, but there are more than a few contacts listed twice.

                    Some have more than one number associated, some have no number associated! Some of the duplicated ones have a number here, no number there.


                    When I pull in Google Contacts, all appear as they should, with the contacts for which I only have email not shown.


                    All my phones are synced with Goggle, so I know by experience if I delete anything on a phone, it will be gone everywhere, from all my phones.


                    Since I have to re-import from Google every time I use the web interface (would be nice if it could stick), I would rather the web interface not import any contacts from anywhere, ever, unless I direct it to do so.

                    • colemancf

                      Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                      Is there a way to clear just the contacts that are created by the digits app

                        • azdreamscape

                          Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                          The only method for users to do it themselves seems to be to sign in on the DIGITS app using a phone with no contacts in it. The app will notice the difference and ask if you want to use that device's contact list in DIGITS, and then upload a blank list.

                          At least that is what another user did, and it seemed to work for them.

                          The other option would be to call the DIGITS hotline and get someone to clear your list for you.

                          DIGITS hotline 844-889-5651.

                        • azdreamscape

                          Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits

                          A recent update provided the delete/erase feature! (for Android)

                          Of course, I couldn't press the button fast enough!

                          Now, after syncing my Google contacts, all my contacts appear the way I want them to.


                          *Each contact listed only once.

                          *All numbers for that contact listed under their entry.

                          *No contacts listed that don't have a phone number attached.


                          HAPPY DANCE!

                          • tmo_marissa

                            Re: Issues with Contacts Sync on Digits



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