How does DIGITS work for roaming and international?


    My setup:

    HTC one M8 with original SIM, and also Digits app installed

    Apple iPad MIni with Digits app

    Signed up for one number on multiple devices


    First question, just because I signed up for one number on multiple devices, does that mean I can't test the multiple numbers on one device, or can I test that as well?  Would I be able to add an international number to DIGITS?  This way I can just install my international SIM into my phone, and have access to my US line as well.


    Two, I am traveling in Lebanon right now.  I was wondering if I could use digits to make calls to the US for free?  For example, I want to check my voicemail, can I just use digits (on wifi) or will this charge me international roaming charges?


    I understand that using my HTC regularly, without the DIGITS app, would make standard calls and charge standard charges.  However, if I use the DIGITS app on my HTC, or on my iPad, or on the web browser, while on a local wifi connection, would I be making the calls for free on the internet?

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