Outgoing caller ID


    Sorry if this topic has been discussed elsewhere, I have searched the forum and wasn't able to find the information.


    Is anyone experiencing issues with out going caller id from the digits app? When making calls from a virtual line or any other number within the digits app the caller id on the phone being called shows Anonymous Caller.


    After some messing around I found that the digits app will use the phones main caller id settings for all digit lines. Is there a way to set caller id option specific to each line within the digits app?



    The main sim phone number on my test phone is used for work and the caller id is set to private. Now the numbers in the digits app do not need to be private as they are used as an extension of my main phone and when I call people I would like my caller id to show up so that the person will answer the phone vs. making me leave a message and asking them to call back.


    If this is not possible at this time maybe an option can be added to the digits app and pushed out during a future update.

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