(Bug) Texting on Data Only Line from DIGITS app only


    I signed up for the beta on my primary line.  I also have a 2nd line for a tablet, which is supposed to be data only (on demand).  The particular tablet I have the sim in has calling and texting abilities.  From the tablet itself I can not place calls or send texts.


    At one point on the webpage to manage DIGITS lines, I allowed myself to manage the tablet data only line.  It promptly (after signing out and signing back in) showed up for use in the digits app.  From within the digits app, I can not place calls.  However, I can send and receive texts (at least to and from my primary line).  On the tablet, I still can not place calls or send/receive texts, as expected.


    I just thought I'd report it, as it is unexpected behavior.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Thanks for reaching out!


        You should be able to make calls and texts from the DIGITS app itself. What happens when you try to make a call from the DIGITS app on the tablet?



          • lemmyslender

            I think you mis-understood.


            Using DIGITS on my primary tablet (Nexus 7 2013) with my primary line (voice & data), I can call and text just fine (as expected).


            On the secondary tablet (Off Brand) I can not make calls or texts (as expected).  Although the secondary tablet can do calling and texting (really just a big phone), the sim is for data only.

            From one of the website menus, I allowed myself to manage my second line (data on demand only).


            In the DIGITS app I now see both my primary (voice/data) line and the secondary (data only, on demand) line.  If I select the data only line in the DIGITS app, I can not place calls (expected).  However I can use the secondary line to send/receive text messages (unexpected).  I currently have no data on that line, it's an on demand plan.


            I should not be able to call or text on the secondary line on either the tablet or from the DIGITS app.  However, I am able to text using the DIGITS app.

              • tmo_lauren

                Sorry for the delay! I've been battling strep and was out and we aren't quite as on top of things with the beta being as busy as it is. Sorry for the delay and my possible misunderstanding!

                Okay I need to confirm if you're using a duplicate SIM card or connecting to WiFi. An on demand only data line will not be able to use data from the T-Mobile network if you don't have an active pass and will not be able to use data to make calls. I cant say for certain why you're able to text message without being able to see what plan/features you have on that on demand data line but it sounds like you may have some sort of texting bucket on that line as SMS still works.

                Voice will not work if the tablet does not have data (it will if you use a duplicate SIM as it shares with his primary line) or if not connected to Wi-Fi




            • tmo_mike_c



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