Has anyone found a solution to international data now working on iPhone 6s? Mexico?


    Whenever I go abroad, T-mobile phone and text service works but there's no data connection. The phone connects to the networks, there's 3G or LTE sign but no data.


    I am on iPhone 6S (previously 5), latest software and the same issue happened in September in Peru and Bolivia and now in Mexico.

    I have reset the Network Settings, made sure Data Roaming is on, send text to #767# to make sure the international data is on.


    Every time I call the T-mobile customer service, they set up a ticket but no one has provided a solution; the engineer calls you back in 3 days but there's no solution; after a few days, you just give up and fly back home where service works fine and you forget about the issue.


    I heard that this could be related to APN settings; Apple does not allow APN changes so the phone is set to IPv6 and many towers do not support it.


    Has anyone found a solution? besides buying a non-Apple smart phone?

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