B07 update for the ZMax Pro?


    Out of curiosity, did this update get pulled? I purchased a ZMax Pro on the 10th, to replace my Nexus 5, which developed a sudden hardware fault. The first thing I did after the T-Mobile rep activated my phone was to check for firmware updates.


    After having found the info posted on T-Mobile's website, which stated that the update was set for a staged delivery ending on the 19th (if memory serves). I still haven't received the update. I pulled my micro sd, and performed a factory reset. The phone is still sitting on firmware TMO_Z981V1.0.0B04, with no updates available. I've attempted with WIFI on and off, though it shouldn't have any bearing, with such a small file size (My N5 wouldn't download updates greater than a certain size unless I was actually on WIFI).

    While I don't mind the software being a little out of date, and I don't expect worlds out of this phone like I did my N5, I would prefer to keep it up to date, and to see if the updated firmware fixes the graphic glitches I run across from time to time, since ZTE has made it so that I can't update my own device.


    I don't mean to come across as ignorant or anything, I know the software engineers handle the actual updates, but a little information goes a long way. One page shows version B02, one page shows B07, the software updates page does not even show the ZMax Pro (or apparently any ZTE device).. It's all a little confusing, and disheartening, considering I didn't lease the phone and paid cash in full.



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      • The current version is TMO_Z981V1.0.0B07 with November 1, 2016 security patch.

        Mine has no screen glitch, but the stock keyboard lost predictive text, phone calls do weird things like self-mute when other notifications come through (doesn't unmute...have to hang up and try again) and stock messenger alternates between chat and text when sending/receiving messages.  Stock messenger also sends blurry photos, be they taken inside the messaging app or attached from a separate file.


        Over on the ZTE Community site, it's a mess.  There are 3 SW versions of this phone, each on different versions, but said to be the same software overall.  MetroPCS on build 0B12, T-Mobile on 0B07 and Walmart Family on 0B02.  T-Mobile's software page is incorrect regarding the version current, and T-Mobile's tech spec page for reps also says the phone cannot video call or use RCS Advanced Messaging. So, info is not uniform at all.


        ZTE did confirm Android 7 for the ZMP.  But, I am using my not-as-of-yet-bootlooped LG G4 (507) until it dies, gets Android 7, or the ZMP gets Android 7.


        The phone is decent for it's price, but consider Metro users got it for $50-99.  T-Mobile sold it for $179.  It's worth $0 on trade-in and Swappa has had only 1 sale at $135.  I got mine for backup for my G4, otherwise I'd be upset if this was my only phone.  Paid both EIPs off after 1-3 months.  Waiting to see what the G6 is all about or if any CPOs from Samsung come in after the Note 7 ordeal is over since all the previous CPOs from Samsung have been sold out and won't return.


        I got what I paid for, or maybe less...if you consider the relative price points.  With the whole ZMP system being basically stock Android, the fixes should be fast...but of course, you have to get the carriers onboard too.

          • moxlon69

            Re: B07 update for the ZMax Pro?

            So the update wasn't pulled, and my phone just isn't receiving it. I'm not overly concerned with the quality of the hardware, and I doubt I have to worry about the November security update, but I doubt I'll get the 'next' update if I can't get B07 first. I don't regret choosing this phone, but at least if I went with the second hand 6P I could download the updates straight from Google, or compile from the AOSP source. Neither option works for this phone.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: B07 update for the ZMax Pro?

            Hey moxlon69!


            snn_555 laid out some helpful knowledge. Here's the latest info available to us about the software for the ZTE ZMAX Pro: Software updates: ZTE ZMAX Pro. I'm not sure when the next one will be rolled out or what it will include. If you follow the steps at the bottom of the link I sent, are you able to update your device?

              • moxlon69

                Re: B07 update for the ZMax Pro?

                The info was not helpful in my situation. T-Mobile advanced support confirmed that these updates are handled directly by ZTE, who pushes the update in order of IMEI creation. Newer mfg dates means longer wait times, so in theory, if ZTE pushes a new update quickly, it can be out before I receive the B07 update, with no option for a manual download/update.


                Advanced support and ZTE basically answered this question, but the website should be updated to reflect this, I seriously thought the phone could be messed up since the 'staged release' is listed as concluding on December 19th or so.