How can I recalibrate and tone down screen sensitivity?


    First, on my onscreen keyboard's 'A' button becomes 'S' on the right side of the button.  Need to recalibrate!

    Also, when trying to scroll, the screen clicks and loads content I am trying to scroll by ALL THE TIME.  Super annoying!!  Any way to adjust settings?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I agree with how annoying this can be vincertes.


        I checked and couldn't find an option for calibrating the screen. You could try giving the phone a restart and seeing if that helps. You might want to try wiping the cache as well. It doesn't deleting any personal info and may help get the screen working properly again.


        Please keep us posted if you need more help. Thanks!

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        • tmo_marissa

          Happy New Year!  Just dropping in to see if you had given Mike's suggestion a test.  Were you able to get your tablet's calibration back on track?  Let us know how it went or if you still need assistance!


          - Marissa

            • vincertes

              Either my getting used to it or wiping the cache and or restarting the

              tablet has seemed to work. I definitely don't inadvertently load as many

              pages as before, although it still occurs, just not as constantly.


              The issue with the on screen keyboard still remains, and it seems to be a

              few keys particularly, like the 'a' button sometimes reading as 's'.

              However I have become used to it, and have trained myself to avoid it, as

              it seems to be some sort of zone overlap.  What gets me is that I've used

              smaller on screen keyboards that didn't have such inaccuracies.  But

              overall its actually less annoying than autocorrect is.

              Thanks for your responses, and happy new year!