Suggestions for Android app improvment


    This thread will be for the Android app. Post suggestions for improvement.


    -This one goes without saying. IMPROVE BATTERY USAGE ISSUE


    -App option to make DIGITS app the default message app.


    -take the persistent notification out of the notifications pull down, not just notification bar

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      • schwartz.matthew.e

        There is also a bug on my Nexus 6P where if you are texting within the Digits app and a new Digits text is received, the currently being typed text is deleted.

        • tmo_tim_b

          Hello invalidudername


          I apologize for the delayed response, but I'm also glad you're trying out the DIGITs beta. Thank you so much for the feedback.


          When it comes to battery usage, this is definitely something we're aware of and addressing, so I believe our long term solution, which also addresses your other points, will be the best solution for the battery as well. In the meantime, you can choose to have DIGITs not run in the background, which will help with battery life, but may impact the performance of the app.


          As for our long term solution, we are working with the OEMs to incorporate DIGITs into the native apps. Some of our devices already have this, such as the S7 Edge. I use that myself, and my battery life has not changed. At the same time, I get to use the default messaging app and dialer, so there is no need to set another app as the default or to update notification settings. You can disable the notification settings in the app, however, as you should still get your normal device notifications as well.


          At the same time, I do understand not all devices will get this capability, and we want to make sure the app is as best as possible for all of our customers. I do appreciate the feedback, and we'll continue working on these issues!