Feedback on duplicate line.


    Okay so I am using the one line on multiple devices. Currently using it on my Gear s3.

    EVerything seems to be working fine. Now I had a concern about text msgs being duplicated, but that is the case. That's what the digits do. But I was getting more than that. Figured out I had to turn off the push notifications on the gear app. Because now the Gear s3 is really acting as a standalone device. The only thing with turning off that feature is that now I won't get noti like, messenger, or the news, or any other app I have those notf. On for.


    IN my opinion the digit seem a little pointless on a Gear s3 or 2, because the app in the galaxy phone can already push those notifications without having it connect via bluetooth. So I will stop using it there and use it on my iPad instead, and computer. Let's see if that's any better.

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