DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback


    After using the web client for a few days, these are my findings on what works and what doesn't work. I believe all these bugs have been previously mentioned in other threads, but I wanted to collect them here and provide my user experience and what I've tried to resolve them.

    What works:

    • The DIGITS web interface looks great. It's nice and clean and looks how I would expect. I like the look and feel and I'm excited to be able to use it at work.


    What doesn't work:



    • This seems to only happen now on my work computer, and not at home.
    • It happens in all browsers on this computer, and clearing the cache does not help.
    • This is a big building where T-Mobile cell service is not able to penetrate, so having the DIGITS web client would be a big help.
    • I'm not able to do much reconnaissance on the IT infrastructure, firewalls, port blocking etc. because this is a government building and I don't have admin privileges on my computer.
    • I can tell you that when I was a Verizon customer, I was able to user Verizon Messages (Verizon's SMS web client) on this same network without a problem.
    • I'm able to reach all other websites on this computer on this network. Nothing else is blocked (except Dropbox and bit.ly URLs)
    • My T-Mobile phone is turned on and in my car where it gets service. (Although I feel like that shouldn't matter. This should work even when it's off).
    • At home, I don't seem to get disconnected nearly as often, though it does happen occasionally and refreshing seems to fix it.


    The following issues happen both on my work computer, and at home

    Having to re-login and re-register:

    • For each session, I not only have to log in with my T-Mobile user/password each time, but I also have to re-register my phone line each time.
    • So there are two screens I have to click through to get to the dashboard. First the user/pass, and second the phone number registration.
    • From a user perspective, I would expect that the phone number registration should be a one-time thing per-browser. If I want to change this later, I can go to the settings menu.
    • I would expect that my T-Mobile credentials are saved with a "Keep Me Logged In" checkbox.
    • So each time I re-open the DIGITS web client, I would expect to be taken straight to the dashboard when clicking on my bookmark if this is a computer/browser that I use daily.
    • Lastly, I've noticed that refreshing the page while on the dashboard results in a new session, where I have to re-log in and re-register. I would expect that refreshing the page keeps me logged-in and on the dashboard.


    Google contacts forgotten:

    • Each time I re-login, re-register, and come to the dashboard, my Google contacts are no longer imported.
    • My conversations are maintained. But there are no names; just phone numbers.
    • I have to go through the process of re-importing my Google contacts every time I bring up the DIGITS web client.


    This is the extend of what I have tested.

    I have not tested:

    • Making phone calls through the DIGITS web client.
    • Syncing Microsoft Exchange contacts/calendar items
    • The "Voicemail" tab

    I will update this thread after testing the above items.


    Happy to conduct any experiments to help debug the issues. As I said, the interface looks great and I'm looking forward to being able to use this at work so that I can sent text messages from my desk without having to use 3rd party apps on my phone.

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      • jewbixcube

        Re: DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback

        Something I forgot to mention (I can't seem to edit my post):


        Sending/receiving texts via the DIGITS web interface seems to work fine (as long as I'm not disconnected of course).


        I've notice a few users complaining that when they send texts through the DIGITS web interface, they don't see the sent messages appearing on their phone. I believe that is to be expected. I think that's just the nature of SMS. I had the same issue back when I was using Verizon Messages (their version of DIGITS) and I notice the same thing happening now. It would be great if T-Mobile found a solution to this problem, but I consider that more of an enhancement than a bug. The issues I described in my first post are more problematic, I feel.

        • jewbixcube

          Re: DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback

          A few more feedback items (I'll just keep adding to this post since I can't edit my first post):

          • Just got to my home computer. DIGITS was working for a while but I got disconnected after about 30 minutes. Seems like I get disconnected after 30 minutes no matter if I was actively using the page or not.
          • Couldn't re-connect by refreshing the page. Had to log out then log back in.
          • Reconnected long enough to receive one text, but not my full conversation history. Disconnected again.


          In summary:
          The disconnects are happening on both my work and home computer

          • tmo_tim_b

            Re: DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback

            Hello jewbixcube


            This is great feedback. Thank you so much for participating. Please continue to add to this as you find new things. I have been using the computer interface as well and have come across some of the same issues, so we'll make sure we're to get it all reported for you.

              • jewbixcube

                Re: DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback

                Thanks for the reply tmo_tim_b (this editor won't let me give @Mentions for tmo employee accounts I noticed):


                A few noteworthy things that have come up since I created this post:

                • The disconnections don't seem to be happening on my home computer anymore. They still happen on my work computer.
                • Even though I'm not getting disconnected anymore on my home computer, my conversation history stopped being sync'd. I see the same texts from Jan. 2nd every time I log in.
                • I tried the new Windows Desktop client. It doesn't seem to solve any of the issues that the web client has.
                • Furthermore, a Windows Desktop client is not ideal for my work environment since I don't have Administrator privileges to install it. I had to install it in a virtual machine to test it. This may be the case for a lot of users. I think it's good to have two options though.
                • Regarding the disconnects, there is a post Unable to connect behind firewall - web client or download client in which someone made a noteworthy finding: the client is attempting to connect over port 3030 which is often blocked on corporate networks. That would make a lot of sense if that was the problem, since this very clearly seems to be a network issue to me.
              • tmo_marissa

                Re: DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback

                Hi hi!  Just wanted to drop in on this thread and alert you and any user who may come across it that we've got a DIGITS Web megathread in the works and would love to gather some specifics there.  I'll post a link here when it's live!  Thank you for your stellar Beta testing jewbixcube!


                - Marissa

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: DIGITS Web Client: My Feedback

                  Ahoy there jewbixcube - I shouted you out on another thread, but touching base here too in case you see it first.  I'd love to grab some details from you via PM to file a bug report with any specifics you're able to provide if you're willing!  Please let me know and I'll send you a message.


                  - Marissa