Is this the slowest charging device ever or what?


    I think my beard grows faster than the charging level of this tablet. Do I have a dud or is everybody else experiencing the same?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey paulov!  I definitely haven't heard anything about this tablet charging slowly here, but I did a little bit of digging elsewhere online and I did find a few similar comments.  I know this sounds silly, but are you using the charger and cable that came with the tablet?  How long ago did you purchase it?


        - Marissa

          • paulov

            Thanks Marissa. I've only had it for a couple weeks. I've been using two smart chargers that I have but after your post I decided to use the LG one. I also installed Ampere to measure the charging process.


            This is what I found out. With my "smart fast chargers" the charging rate started high (1250MA) but dropped slowly to a trickle (180mA).


            When I used the LG charger, it started at around 600mA and slowly built it up to around 1020mA. But then dropped again and right now it's been at around 500mA for a few minutes.


            Also, I realized that the LG charger made the tablet beep when I plugged it in. While the faster more powerful ones (QC2.0) didn't make any noise. The beeping noise is also heard when I plug in a Logitech mouse charger which I imagine is also a slow charger.


            That makes me think that the tablet may have some mechanism to detect the source and change the charging rate. Maybe even the provided charger is not being used to it's full potential thanks to some app.


            But what it comes down to is that even with the provided charger the charging process is slow. Works better with a slow charger, but it's obscenely slow with a faster charger. All the while the max USB current is reported at 1500mA, which is not even closely reached with the original charger.

              • tmo_marissa

                Wow - that's a pretty impressive run of tests!  Are you sure you don't have a YouTube channel for this stuff?   In truth, I don't know how much further you can go to optimize the actual charge of a device; although we certainly have recommendations galore for how to prolong battery life!  If it's not your primary mode of communication, you may get a faster charge by turning Wi-Fi off and turning airplane mode on when it's charging (if you haven't tried that already). 

                Also, if you're concerned that this might be defective, your charger should carry a limited warranty since it's been so recently purchased!  You would only need to Contact Us to speak with a team who could review the exact purchase date and confirm this and place an order for you.  I believe you'll need to pay shipping but the replacement charger itself is free!


                - Marissa