can't receive call when using "minutes and data"


    I can't receive calls when using minutes and data, but using data only works fine. I'm using a Verzion iPhone 7 Plus, installed DIGITS app on it, added my T-Mobile line to DIGITS app. I can place calls with T-Mobile line with either option, but can't receive calls for T-Mobile line with "minutes and data" option.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey pzmosquito,


        I want to see if I can understand your set up a bit more. Are you trying to use one number on multiple devices or multiple numbers on one device? If you are doing one number on multiple devices, which devices are you using and what is your main device?

          • pzmosquito

            I'm trying to use my T-Mobile number on a Verizon iPhone, I believe I selected one number on multiple devices when signing up. Here's what I did:

            1. installed DIGITS on Verizon iPhone (Verizon carrier, my work phone)

            2. open DIGITS and request access for my T-Mobile number.

            3. received text on my personal T-Mobile phone, click the link and authorize the access

            4. got access approved on Verizon iPhone.

            5. DIGITS asked me enter my phone number on current device, so I entered my Verizon number.

            6. got text on my Verizon iPhone, enter the code.

            7. DIGITS told me it's ready to go.

            now when people call my T-Mobile number, my T-Mobile phone will ring, but my Verizon iPhone will not ring. If I set to use "data only" in DIGITS setting on Verizon iPhone, both devices ring.

            If I turn off my T-Mobile phone, people call my T-Mobile number, with "use minutes and data" option, Verizon iPhone will not ring, caller will go directly to my voice mail, if I use "data only", the Verizon iPhone will ring and able to answer the call.

          • tmo_marissa



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