iPhone Message App: Sending Message to E-mail Address not working with photo attached




    I have an iPhone SE.  Using the message app you can send a message to an E-mail address.  I have used this function in the past without a problem.  For some reason, although I can still send a text based message to an E-mail address from the message app, if a photo is attached the message will not go through.  The message shows as having been successfully sent on the phone itself, nothing comes through to the E-mail account.  This only happens if a photo is attached.  Plain text will go transmit and be received to an E-mail address.


    I first noticed this problem several months ago.  As I said, I used to be able to message to an E-mail address and send photos without an issue.  Now it does not work.  I have reset all my settings, restored my phone, updated all systems and nothing corrects the problem.

    I just spent an hour at my local T-Mobile store and they were not able to help.  While at the T-Mobile store, the rep contacted Apple direct who stated that issue appears to be with T-Mobile.  All other carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint do not have this issue.  I have a friend with an iPhone 6S on AT&T.  We tested the sending a photo through messaging to an E-mail address and it worked on his phone.  The associate at T-Mobile had an iPhone with T-Mobile service and she tried sending a photo to an E-mail address via Messaging with her phone and it would not go through either.  Thus this does seem to be a Carrier issue and not a hardware issue.


    To recap, this only occurs when sending a photo to an E-mail address via Messaging.  Everything else works fine.  Regular texting with photos works.


    Respectfully I think T-Mobile need to do some type of Carrier update?


    Thank you....

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