Just bought my son the J7. I am unable to receive text messages from him


    Please help so Dad and son can communicate


    My phone: Samsung Galaxy S5

    His phone: Samsung Galaxy J7

    Both numbers on same T-Mobile account


    We are both using the general "Messages" app. No 3rd party app is being used.


    My son can receive all my SMS messages. He is getting "delivered" notifications when he replies. But I can't see any of his messages on my phone.


    We both text between 5-10 other people daily and have no issues with anyone else.


    Under Contacts in his phone, under my profile next to my number is a Green Envelope. All other contacts on his phone have the normal manila colored envelope.


    "View Message details" from each message he has tried to send me says the message type is Chat. Messages to other contacts, the message type is "Text message". On my phone, my switches back and forth from Chat to Text without any intervention on my part (regardless how many characters the text is). This happens with  known T-Mo/Galaxy users among my contacts. Regardless everyone receives my messages even if message type is Chat or Text.

    Even though my son receives my messages, I get an error message when I click to send "Unfortunately Messages has stopped". He is the only receiver that I get an error from.


    Anyone can help on this? Which side is the error one (mine or his?)  How can we disable Chat and make sure every message is sent SMS?


    Thank you

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