Issue: Incoming calls cannot be heard on Samsung Galaxy TAB A




    I'm using the One Number across Multiple Devices Beta. So far I'm using only 2 Devices. A Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Here are the Specs...


    Samsung Galaxy S6 (128GB)

    OS: Android 6.0.1 (Official)

    Model: SM-G920T

    Build: MMB29K.G920TUVU5EPK5


    Samsung Tab A (16GB)

    OS: Android 6.0.1 (Official)

    Model: SM-T550

    Build: MMB29M.T550XXU1BPK1


    Digits Version:1.0.1

    RCS: v7.02b12.19.0.5


    My issue stems from incoming calls. When somebody calls me if I answer using digits on my Samsung Galaxy TAB A, the caller can hear me but I cannot hear them. Although if I call them back we can both hear each other. Quality depending on my WiFi reception of course, they say there is some cutting out but I believe that has to do with my WiFi. I tried the switch over feature and it seems to work well although there is a delay ( I'll have to test feature more) Receiving SMS is only delayed by a few seconds and all my contacts seem to have been synced on the app. I have not experienced any overheating of my Galaxy S6 like others although I have a rather hefty Otterbox case on mine so maybe I'm not noticing, but I haven't received any overheating messages on it unlike when I use it on Samsung VR which gives me overheating messages so I think it's staying cool.


    So far it's working well and it hasn't interfered with the basic operations of either my phone or tablet. I just can't hear incoming calls on the Samsung Galaxy TAB A when using the Digits app.What could be the issue?

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