Feature request/enhancement for inbound DIGITS calls...


    I have one of my Android DIGITS installations set to "use minutes" for phone calls (so I can enjoy a non-VoIP, circuit-switched calling experience).  Anyway, I noticed that the Caller ID Name is modified for DIGITS-forwarded inbound calls -- where the name reads "(xxx) xxx-xxxx to 1xxxxxxxxxx".  The calling phone number already appears in the CID number field on the screen.


    Rather than duplicating the inbound number in the CNAM field, it would make more sense to display the actual CNAM (like "Caller Name to 1xxxxxxxxxx") instead.

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      • tmo_chris

        Are you a pest control worker by any chance? I only ask cause you are finding some good bugs! This looks like it could be a cosmetic sort of bug so I want to get it under the noses of the support teams. I already have you in private messages so I will reply to you there to get some additional information for this one.

          • thephantom212

            Hi Chris,


            I PM'ed you as well, but will post here, as there's no easy way to convey the screenshot.


            Attached is the inbound call screenshot (with # blocked out) when the DIGITS call is being handled as a circuit switched call.  The first line, which is normally reserved for the CNAM, is modified for DIGITS, where, as indicated above, reads "(xxx) xxx-xxxx to 1xxxxxxxxxx".  This horizontally scrolls (obviously not depicted in the screenshot), as the text doesn't fit.  The second line is the CID number, and is the same as any other inbound call.  As can (sort of) be seen, the modified CNAM field duplicates the caller ID number.  This may make sense on an iPhone, where their CNAM/CID display is crippled, but on Android, the duplication seems wasteful.


            As suggested, the first line should be the CNAM instead of the calling number, as it's duplicative on the display.  Not a fatal bug, but the CNAM would be far more useful.



          • tmo_marissa



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