Wrong phone number on EIP agreement?


    My brother recently upgraded from a Samsung Note 4 to the iPhone 7 Plus. The online T-mobile account is under my email and phone number so I usually receive/sign everything, but the EIPs would still have the phone number that goes with it. I received the EIP agreement by email to electronically sign it and I notice the agreement has my number instead of my brother's number. So I just want to ask if that affects anything or it doesn't matter?

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      • mayli89

        Re: Wrong phone number on EIP agreement?

        Is there anyone who can answer my question? Thank you.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Wrong phone number on EIP agreement?

          Hi mayli89!  I'm sorry we left you hanging here.  This is definitely worth correcting - it's not a disaster, but if you have JUMP! then you'll want the phone assigned to the right line.  Also, on your bill, the phone's monthly installment amount appears next to the individual charges for the line it's assigned to - so to keep your bill nice and tidy (especially if you and your brother review it together to figure out who owes what balance) it's nice to have the equipment assigned to the correct number.

          The good news is that this is easily remedied if you simply Contact Us and explain that we've got the EIP assigned to the wrong line on your account.  I'm sorry that you have to take that extra step - I wish we could have just done this correctly for you the first time around!


          - Marissa