Andriod Digits App Use Wifi to make calls for primary line on Non T-Mobile Devices


    Need to have the option to make the App use WiFi instead of Cellular for NON T-Mobile Devices for using the primary line

    when i am in the basement i get no cellular signal and wont let me use Wifi to make the call thru the application it to default over to cellular every time

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      • tmo_kirstin

        Hey, I know you need that phone to work everywhere!!! I use WiFi quite a bit as well. This feature should be available. When you try to switch on the line while connected to WiFi do you get an error message? How good is the WiFi signal in your basement? I want to get a better understanding of the issue so that I can ensure I address the issue correctly!

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey audiorulz4u - this is an interesting question!  I think we may have responded hastily in the beginning - I see what you're saying and to be honest I'm not certain that a phone without TMO Wi-Fi calling could utilize the DIGITS platform alone to place calls over Wi-Fi.  But if it is possible, that would open doors for a lot of users, I'd imagine! I would wager that the functionality isn't there because of the device limitations, but I want to get you a clear answer so I'm going to ask our DIGITS team and reply back here as soon as I get a response.  Thank you for this feedback!


          - Marissa

            • audiorulz4u

              tmo_marissa if i take my old Galaxy S4 (Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S4) or even my Galaxy S6 (also an AT&T unlocked Phone) with no SIM Card in it and install digits i can use any line over WiFi with it just fine and no need to do a text message authentication either.. however if i try to use it on a phone with the sim card on a non T-Mobile Smart Phone it makes it go over cellular and requires a text message authentication so if i am in an area where i get no TMO cell single i am SOL. if they could make digits give you the option to utilize the SIM Card or not utilize it so i can use my main line over WiFi with Digits especially in an area with no Cell Signal that would open doors for a lot of people who bring there own unlocked GSM devices to T-Mobile

                • tmo_marissa

                  Thanks for clarifying - just to make sure I'm reading this right, with the DIGITS App only, your unlocked phones are able to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi without issue.  But when you've got a SIM inserted (T-Mobile standard SIM or duplicate SIM?) Wi-Fi calling is a no-go because the device will try to route the call over the unavailable network - or is the hang-up with the text authentication, before you even get to the actual calling step?


                  - Marissa

                    • velosol

                      Sorry to jump in to the middle of this conversation but I was going to report the same thing.


                      The issue is the first scenario you described (WiFi calling via DIGITS app is a no-go because device attempts to route over unavailable cell network).


                      As audiorulz4u mentioned this will work if you setup the phone without a SIM (so it's like a WiFi-only device) or otherwise have another number you can use for the phone (e.g. Google Voice).  I think audiorulz4u's goal & mine is to be able to use our devices with our regular (standard, non-duplicate) SIM inserted in locations where we have little or no cell coverage (basements, remote work areas, overseas, etc).  For whatever reason we do not have a device that works with T-Mobile's built-in WiFi calling/VoLTE/etc so DIGITS is a major step forward to bring this functionality to ANY device; I am really excited for this.

                        • audiorulz4u

                          tmo_marissa, looks like velosol pretty much summed up the issue for me already on the previous post. but yes if you use any type of unlocked "non-TMobile" Smart phone with no sim card in it the digits app works fine on any number over WiFi, but if you have the sim card in the phone and the phone cannot use T-Mobile WiFi Calling(again Non-TMobile Smart Phone) it forces all calls on the main sim card to go over cellular and not WiFi... plus if you have the sim card in it makes it get a text message to authenticate the device and again if you cant use built in WiFi Calling you cant authenticate the phone either. unless you have T-Mobile Cellular signal... so if they can make digits give you the option to not have to do text message authentication with the sim card in the device and the option to route the primary line over WiFi and not cellular that would solve alot of issues and anyone who brings a Unlocked Smart phone to T-Mobile can use WiFi Calling with the App even tho its not a T-Mobile branded phone

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Just wanted to touch base with everyone here and let you know I'm still waiting to hear back regarding this - thanks for hanging in there! 


                    - Marissa

                    • lrvman

                      I currently have a Galaxy S7 Edge, with the ATT firmware. It's unlocked, and using a T-Mobile SIM card. I could not install DIGITS on this phone due to the SIM card, but I created a workaround by using my Google Voice number to authenticate the DIGITS app. Since this phone is unable to use the T-Mobile WI-FI calling app, nor can I get it installed, I wanted to use DIGITS to allow me to use the WIFI signal to make and receive calls when I visit family in Maud, OK, which has ZERO signal in most places. DIGITS is also installed on my Amazon Fire HDX, and on my laptop. I'm hoping that the bugs are worked out, so that calls don't drop, etc.

                      • magenta3884707

                        Try this. It is working on my primary line. I did the following:

                        Uninstall the Digits. Power off, remove SIM, power on, lastly reinstall the app over a Wi-Fi connection.  I was able to make a call with airplane mode on or off.  However placing the sim card back in reset the app forcing you to reinitiate..... But on the screen where you enter a phone number to send a SMS  there is small text at the bottom that read Use Data Only. Done. Works well even in airplane mode with only Wi-Fi. Good luck.

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