T-Mobile Wifi with DIGITS (iOS)


    Hello DIGITS,


    My primary phone is an iOS device. I had set up T-Mobile Digits to have one number routed to multiple devices and found I was missing phone calls. I called myself, from friends landline, and saw that the phone rings once and then display "User Busy". It will then go into voice mail.


    If I turn off T-Mobile Wifi, it works okay. The secondary device is an iPad, for now. I was using this to "test" the DIGITS app until the T-Mobile sim card arrived. I will switch back to Apple's 'Continuity' once it arrives. At present, it's disabled on the iPad. Ideally I wanted two phones but was only testing the App before my SIM arrives.


    I will likely deactivate the DIGITS app on iOS and see if that fixes the issues until my second SIM card arrives.


    UPDATE: Removing the app resolved the issue. My calls come to my phone.


    Has anyone else experienced this issue?






    Note: Ideally I was going to then pop the second SIM into an android so I'd have two phones to receive calls. I didn't care about text messages from the second phone. I just wanted to have a phone in different rooms like in the olden days when you'd have the landline in several rooms to easily answer calls.

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