Provisioning Error, please contact support after restart?


    Have had digits running on my phone via the app for a few days. On both an Android and an iOS, it has been working fine. Just a few minutes ago I restarted my phone as I do that occasionally. Upon restart I received a message about my SIM card not being installed and that I would be signed out and logged off.


    I waited a few minutes and attempted to login again (was registered on T-Mobile network) and activate the same number I had been using for days. Tried both ways (logging in first and just entering the number directly) and the messages were sent, codes entered.


    At this point activating the line fails with a message saying that there was a "provisioning error, please contact T-Mobile support." This is on an Android phone running 6.0.1.


    Also, battery usage has been surprisingly high is the app and I am thus far unable to use the app on a Verizon Droid Z. App just minimizes at the screen where you choose to activate the line. Bringing it back from the drawer or recent apps at this point generates an error and you have to start all over again.


    I know this is beta... But seems a bit more alpha at this point.


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