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    I have a prepaid TMobile account with 3 gigs of data. I signed up for the Sling TV 7 day free trial on your website. My account online is set to Binge On. However, when signing up for the Sling TV account I was not given my discount to $14.00 that is on your website. Instead it was set at $19.99.

    In addition, my Tmobile data was used up by my watching sling tv.

    I went to your FAQ and it said to turn on Binge in my app.

    I went to my Tmobile app on my phone and when I went to account services. Binge is not an option. It just gives me a bunch of new things to pay for but nothing about Binge.


    I am getting frustrated by your incorrect FAQ and your not honoring my discount. What is the next step to resolve this?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Sling TV using my data

        For Sling, I think you need to contact them to see why the rate wasn't set at the discount (Sling does billing, not T-Mobile)


        As for data, you'll need to contact T-Mobile directly to determine why Binge On isn't an option with your plan.  Your best bet is to contact T-Force through Social Media: Contact Us

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Sling TV using my data

          Hey there!  I replied on your thread here - The specified item was not found. - and am going to go ahead and lock this post so that we can make sure we're looking at the right one for updates! 


          - Marissa