Calls from secondary phone should mask it's real number and show primary digits number


    One phone multiple devices:  When I called from my secondary phone using the SIM sent to me by T-Mobile I noticed the following:

    • Receiving caller's phone caller ID showed my new number provided by the SIM  sent by T-Mobile DIGITS
    • I think only DIGITS Primary number should be displayed when calling from secondary phone.  If not then it is like having two numbers. One your original or primary number and second assigned by DIGITS.  When someone calls primary number it gets forwarded to Digits secondary number.
    • If T-Mobile can somehow hide the number assigned by DIGITS and only show Primary number from all phones using DIGITS SIMS then it will make more sense.  Receiving parties won't have to memorize DIGTS assigned 2nd line number.  Also they won't use this number for calling back.

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