Stateside international plan on Duplicate SIM


    How is an international call charged while making a call from a Duplicate SIM (one number multiple devices) if the primary account is on North America Stateside International Talk with mobile plan?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's an awesome question aman147001 and thanks for asking. International charges during the beta are billed like normal. You can take a peak at the link below for more details about making calls like this and how it works with the duplicate SIM card as well other common questions.


        Thank you!


        DIGITS beta program FAQs

          • aman147001

            I had checked the FAQ's. It does talk about calling from the APP but not from the Duplicate SIM. Assuming, it would inherit the services added to primary number, except for actually taking the duplicate phone internationally. That means calling to international locations from duplicate SIM would be charged same as with the primary number (or inherit Stateside international plan).

              • tmo_mike_c

                Correct, the duplicate line would be bound by the same charges as the features the primary. Since it's technically the same number, just on a different device, the features and charges would work like they would on the primary.

                  • rpanchapagesan

                    Hi Mike,


                    I have two question on the same topic / thread, so I shall make them as two different posts:


                    First question, in FAQ's, it says the app automatically switches to DATA mode. Does it mean, when I am out of Wi-Fi coverage as well as LTE coverage and go into a 3g/4g area, the call quality will be relatively bad?


                    Can I make international calls in the beta?

                    The DIGITS application works internationally–call through the app just as you normally would.

                    • Chargeable usage like international calling or premium paid messages are charged as normal; the app automatically switches to DATA mode so that you can take advantage of Simple Global and not incur any additional costs.
                      • tmo_mike_c

                        Hey rpanchapagesan and thanks for posting.


                        To your first question, the DIGITS service is can work on 2G service but the best experience is going to be on 3G/4G/LTE. As for call quality, I would imagine the call quality would still be reliable even if you're not connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.


                        In regards to the second question, that was a comment about how the charges were billed during the beta. The FAQ section has some information about charges when the beta is over. If you happen to come across what you saw before, please post the link so we can take a look at it. Thanks!

                      • rpanchapagesan

                        Hi Mike,


                        Second question is: you have mentioned above that "International charges during the beta are billed like normal." What does this mean? I remember having seen elsewhere during introduction of DIGITS Beta that only those that have a duplicate SIM card provided will be charged after the BETA period, whereas the ones with just the digit app can continue to be used without additional cost. Did I get that wrong?