Cannot download new Spotify app without the latest software updates!


    It would be good if someone at T-Mobile could get an estimated time of arrival for the next gear s2 software update as we cannot use any of the new software apps including Spotify! This is getting ridiculous that they keep saying there is no update or information available. Simply ask someone in development for the current status, and if no one is working on the update, just let us know!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi rogerpalmer - as an obsessively playlisting Spotify fan, I'm sorry you're in this situation.  We know everyone would love a more detailed answer (and we'd love to give one!), but we don't have information to provide.  The best recommendation we can make is to follow the page for Software updates: Samsung Gear S2 so that you'll be alerted as soon as the information is updated.  FWIW, you're in good company with this ask and we've passed the feedback on that there's a lot of interest.


        - Marissa

          • rogerpalmer

            Why after no updates since April is there no information to provide? This is a terrible excuse. Can you please let me know who I can reach out to that can provide information on the possibility of ever getting updates to our watches so that they are usable with all the new features? Without Spotify, there is no way to stream music on the watch since Samsung discontinued Milk Music. It makes the watch unusable as a standalone streaming device when working out, which is why everyone purchased the watch.




            Please let me know who runs the software update division of T-Mobile so we can get some information. At least tell us if no update is ever coming. Something instead of the same old, no one has any information. Someone must know something about updating devices at T-Mobile as I am easily able to get info about updating flagship Android devices.




            Sorry, but 8 months of we have no information is not a valid excuse at this point.

          • salterjb1

            Update came OTA this morning.  Spotify, sleep tracking, reminders, Altimeter, Barometer, and more work like a champ. Thank you Tmo and Samsung!