if I can't pay my down payment bill in full, can i just add it to my regular bill?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi khloie-baby!  Congrats on making the decision to get a new phone!  Unfortunately, the up-front payment, whether that's a down payment or taxes or both, does need to be paid in full prior to the order's completion, we're not able to bill that to your T-Mobile account.  I know waiting to save up the money can be tough.  Just in case you hadn't heard of it before, we have tried to help eliminate the pain point of down payment requirements by instituting this policy - Smartphone Equality - which lets you work towards having the lowest possible up-front payment required for a new phone by making on-time payments for a year!  Hopefully you're close to your anniversary and that down-payment will significantly drop soon, or you got some fun money for the holidays that you can put towards a new device! 


        - Marissa