I traded in 3 iphones and got credit for 2 of them and I checked the statement and haven't received credit for the 3rd one which is rediculous.  I just wasted 1 hour on the phone w/ one of the reps and she stated that they only received 2.  However, I just remembered after hanging up that I have received credits for 3 of the phones but didn't get the monthly credits.  NEED HELP IN RESOLVING.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi aakash728 - I'm sorry to read that you're having difficulty with your trade-in promotion.  It is very odd to hear that you've received the lump credits for all three of your trade-ins but are only receiving monthly credits for two - am I reading that right?  I do know that monthly credits can take up to two bill cycles to apply - but if you've already seen the initial credit, and the other two trade-ins' monthly adjustments have started, then I do think that this is something we want to take a look at with you to be safe.


        I've got good news/bad news to deliver - the bad news is that since the Support Community is a user forum, we're not able to review individual accounts and look at what might have caused this issue (if it's even an issue rather than a mere delay)... but the good news is that there's actually an escalation process for missing monthly credits.  I know you were already on the line with us for quite some time, but if you can Contact Us again and explain what's happened, the representative can engage an offline team to get this resolved for you.  Thank you for reaching out here, please let us know how this pans out!


        - Marissa