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    HeadsUp...Tried to install the Digits Android App on my Asus Chromebook Flip and the Google play Store says the App is not compatible with my device.  This hasnt happened before on this device for me when I wanted to install an Android App on this chromebook


    so I am now running Digits as a website with issues.  Mostly the fact that Digits seems to time out and go offline after a period of inactivity. This sort of defeats the purpose of having a  device full time ready to receive and make phone calls.


    i also really think Digits should be available as a Chrome App a la Google Hangouts.  I can see the purpose of having this available as website at times, but on a go to basis I think things would work much better as a chrome app for obvious reasons


    I also have a Google Voice phone number that I use and think Digits should be able to handle inbound and outgoing calls from that number. as well as other VOIP services


    I also have a rarely used Android tablet which I installed Digits on....Havent played with it much but have noticed that the app only plays the first few seconds of existing voicemails.


    If this type of info is useful as a beta tester I would be happy to add to it.  If not, no worries.  In its present state, I view this app as having tremendous potential but the way it is set up to run in chrome males it awkward to use bugs aside

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      • speedbee83

        Re: Feedback and Suggestions

        I was having the same issue with the website going offline when not in use for a short time. I was able to get it to stay up after clicking the check box to stay logon. Once you put your user name and password in the site takes you to a page to activate the lines you want to use. I believe it was on that page just under the lines it had the check box to stay log on or something along those lines.

        • tmo_evan

          Re: Feedback and Suggestions

          This is great feedback!


          We're working on diagnosis the timeout issue in the browser - if you haven't cleared your cache recently please try that and see if that helps. For some users that has been helping, but not for everyone yet.


          Also not sure why it's not playing the whole voicemail message, we'll need to delve into that one.


          We can also look at a Chrome App version, I'll make sure we add that to the wish list.

            • edom

              Re: Feedback and Suggestions



              Would also like to add that when I bring in my Google contacts, they are not in if i close the app and reload, not only do I have to register the app again, but also have to bring in my Google contacts again

            • edom

              Re: Feedback and Suggestions

              Another issue:  When trying to delete text messages in the chrome website metaphor and confirming you do indeed wish to delete these messages, the messages do not delete.


              So we have a case where stuff goes away that we wish to stay (contacts and log in) and stuff wont go away (messages) that we wish to go away

              • shannonspetsitting

                Re: Feedback and Suggestions

                Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package!! Although data slows to 2G when used up, that is not enough in today's society where kids use 90% data & 10% talk/text. We would love to be able to "cyber-ground" our teenager by limiting data during certain times of the day or taking away/shutting off her data when necessary. But we still want her to to be able to call & text on her phone to reach us if necessary. I talked to a person in T-Mobile's tech division today who also had a teenager and is facing the same problem where her teenager used 30 GB!! She said she was surprised T-Mobile hasn't done this yet. But there is no way to shut off or limit data on a phone - other than physically taking away the phone. Granted it doesn't cost parents anything if teens use up data or go over, but what kind of lesson is that teaching kids? We need better parental controls accessible to us as parents. Data is the problem with kids now a days & we need assistance being able to control it as parents.  AT&T, Sprint & Verizon all include parental controls (including Data control) for FREE! Granted to me it was worth $5 for the Family Allowance but it's only for call, text,& purchases. So it does us no good since our teenager barley talks or texts on her phone. It's all data usage with her. All we can do it put the 'id, teenager, young adult restrictions on our lines for "Surfing".

                  • artart

                    Re: Feedback and Suggestions

                    Hi shannonspetsitting

                    I think you have some great ideas.

                    I am not a T-Mo employee, but another community member.


                    Unfortunately this this a rather old thread and you might get

                    some more attention if you went to Plans & Services and

                    started your own topic thread where others might see it better.


                    Just click on the box marked "Start Your Own Discussion"

                    You could copy your original reply form here

                    I suggest making it a question to get more attention and responses. Possibly something like this.

                    Why can't "Data restriction only" be added to "Family Allowances" package ? ?



                  • ashwamitha27

                    Re: Feedback and Suggestions

                    T-Mobile has a horrible customer service. After being on phone for over 4 hours, still they couldn't port my T-Mobile Pre-Paid to T-Mobile Post Paid. They keep flipping me from one department to another. If someone really manages this thread, do reach out to me at 860 938 8463 to resolve my issue.

                    • eje

                      Re: Feedback and Suggestions

                      PLEASE bring back the Apple Trade in Trade Up deal where you do not have to add a line! I am an 18 year customer and do not need to add lines!

                      For a limited time, trade-in an eligible device and purchase a new Apple iPhone XR, XS, or XS Max on EIP to save up to $390 (depending on trade-in device) via 24 or 36 monthly bill credits or purchase a new Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X on EIP to save up to $360 (depending on trade-in device) via 24 or 36 monthly bill credits.