SIP Credentials for Digits lines


    Anyway to use a regular softphone on our PCs instead of having to keep browser open?  Can you supply the SIP credentials for our lines so we can plug them in and use apps to direct dial instead of using contacts through a web browser?






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      • tmo_evan

        Re: SIP Credentials for Digits lines

        Thanks for the suggestion/inquiry... we can look to see if we can provide the details, but DIGITS has some rich features that aren't standard for many SIP devices, so it may take some modifications to make that work.


        We are working on somethings that will let you keep it running out of the browser that should be available soon.

          • davidfi01

            Re: SIP Credentials for Digits lines

            Got that, but if we could get basic sip configuration, we could use msft telephony for direct integration with Outlook (i.e. be able to dial contacts right from outlook) and use usb/bluetooth headsets, etc.


            Please keep me posted.  Thanks for the Beta.



            • tmajibon

              Re: SIP Credentials for Digits lines

              Just dredging this one back up.


              I would love to have SIP support, especially as Google's dialer app supports SIP. It would open up a lot of freedom for end users.


              Though I do understand that there's one concern that you're unlikely to mention, which is support. Given the large variety of different apps out there, it would make sense to either have SIP be unsupported, or have only a small selection (or single) SIP softphone be supported. (I'm fine with unsupported personally, I just want to load it up in different places more easily)

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: SIP Credentials for Digits lines



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