How can I move my contacts so I can see them in Digits?


    How can I move my contacts so I can see them in Digits?

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      • speedbee83

        Having the same issue. I have been able to attach my google contacts through the online web based digits site how ever it dose not sync to the other devices using the android digits app. Also I seem to have to reconnect my google account info to the web page each time I re log in. I have also located a section in the digits app on my android test phone allowing you to upload contact to the digits cloud contacts, the issue i have is that both phones have different gmail address attached to the main phone and you can only sync contact from the actual device with the digits app on it. I would like to sync the google contacts from my main phone how ever I have not been able to figure out how since you can not log into the digits app on the primary line. Hopefully there is a way to sync the google contacts from the web based digits to the tmobile cloud contacts.

        • tmo_evan

          We're working on making it a little more seamless, but basically you'll need the iOS or the Android app running on one of your phones that have your contacts on it, and then you can in the app upload them to make available to the web and other instances of the client.


          We're trying not to get into the business of being a contact manager across the board and are looking at how to make it a bit more seamless for your google contacts and others to roam with your DIGITS. 


          So yes, we're working towards making this much easier... but aren't there yet.

          • speedbee83

            I completed the cloud sync by copying my google contacts to the phones memory. After that the digits app was installed on my main devices which gave me a few error saying that it could not be used on the device with the primary sim card. After excepting all the messages the digits app allowed me to sync my phones contacts to the cloud contacts. It was a little bit of a pain but now my contacts show on the digits for the computer and my extension devices with the digits app running.

            • tmo_marissa



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