How to add another device to Duplicate Line


    So since i upgraded my Gear S2 to a Gear S3, it doesnt seem to work anymore. I remember during the registration process that you could add more after but cant find where to do it now.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: How to add another device to Duplicate Line

        I think in this case you're going to need to call the special care for DIGITS support.  If they've already set up a duplicate SIM for your DIGITS line, you can provide them with the accounting number (they should be able to see it) and then if you give them the ICCID (in the gear settings, gear info, about device) they can do a SIM swap and you should be good to go.


        Just note that there are some settings you'll like want to modify that are posted to the forum about modifying some of the notifications so you don't get duplicated messages, etc.

        • tmo_amanda


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