Is there a way to make DIGITS work on a data only cell phone?


    Currently, the DIGITS app detects that it is installed on an Android phone and requires validation of the cell phones number. I have a couple cell phones that are data only, so there is no phone number associated to them. I am unable to use DIGITS on these devices. My data only tablet works perfectly and does not require validation of a phone number. Is there a way to have DIGITS operate on a phone similar to how it works on a tablet?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!

        Thanks for reaching out. Data only lines will still come with phone numbers as many tablets are SMS capable, you'll see the phone number on and on your bill.


        Are you asking about WiFi only tablets? Or data tablets that you have with T-Mobile service?



          • mrbristow



            It is not a phone with a T-mobile SIM in it. This device is not able to receive text messages and the Digits app requires verification through a SMS message to the device's phone number to set it up. When I setup my data only tablet this is not required so the difference is the Digits app is detecting if the device is a phone or a tablet. The requirement of all phone type devices to be able to receive SMS is preventing me from using this device with Digits.This also prevents users who have phones that they are using as wi-fi only devices without a SIM from being able to use those devices with Digits.


            I am sure if I edit my build.prop to trick the app into believing the phone is a tablet it would likely convince the Digits app to setup properly, but this would have impacts on other areas of the device that would not be desired.


            This seems to be a flawed implementation that could be improved on before releasing this publicly.



            • joenforcer

              Lauren, I'm having this problem too. I have a Verizon data-only SIM that I swap into my phone every day because I only get spotty roaming coverage with T-Mobile on the way to work in southwest Wisconsin. Because it is data-only, it is not enabled for calls or texts. I just bought a cheap phone that I'd like to use that data-only SIM on so I can avoid swapping, but the problem remains that when that SIM is in the phone, the T-Mobile DIGITS app detects that it has a phone number and assumes it can receive texts (it CAN'T, they won't come through).


              Can there or will there be a solution for people like me and Jeff? This really is the perfect solution for us, but it doesn't work the way we need it to to enable its functionality.

                • tmo_kirstin

                  I see what you mean and I bet that is really frustrating. We want you to be able to use the service, but with that sim in the phone it will read the number associated with it. With these situations this is something our team will have to look in to and see if there is a good way for us to support you and customers like you. As this is a beta we are still ironing out the kinks and appreciate all the feedback we can get.

              • tmo_mike_c



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