Buy a phone with international credit card


    I live in Korea and want to buy a new phone for my son in New York. How can I pay with international credit card?

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        Re: Buy a phone with international credit card

        That's so cool you are looking into getting a phone for your son, @hur !  He is either very lucky, or very good.  Either way,  a new phone is an exciting purchase, and an even more exciting gift to receive.


        For whatever reason, it seems pretty much impossible to use any but a card issued by financial institutions based in the US, and with a US address, to customers registered with a US address on that card.   Which doesn't mean that there's not a way,  only that if there is one - I don't know of it, and trust me I've tried. 


        If you discover the way around this,  I hope you'll return to share that knowledge.

        For myself, I've pretty much accepted that there will not be a way around this restriction at this time.


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