What happened? My data is gone overnight on roll over day.


    Everything has been fine with my data usage using my wifi hotspot to stream netflix. My question is why did my 10 gigs of data get eaten in one night when i havent changed anything? For the past 11 months everything has been fine, but overnight on the day my data restests it tells me i used all 10 gigs of my data. Its not physically possible. Did binge change? Did my t mobile not recognize my t.v as binge usage all of a sudden? I am confused and the 3 reps i went through were of zero help, even the tech support. When did "oh well" become apart of your business practice? I'm not looking for a handout or anything... I'm looking for a better explanation to why having my t.v hooked up to the wifi hotspot on my phone, which I have been doing for a year or more, all of a sudden goes onto to using my regular data instead of binge? I have binge enabled. I never hadid this issue.

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