DIGITS app is confusing and now the virtual account is blocked


    Got the text message that all is set with my 2nd DIGITS phone number. I installed the app on my Nexus 6p and loggedd into my account. Now it asks for my phone number. Which one? The phone number on the SIM or the virtual one? I entered the SIM one, received the SMS with the confirmation code which I entered. I received an error that this number is already assigned to my SIM and therefore it cannot be used.


    OK, back to the beginning. The 2nd time I try the virtual number. The confirmation SMS never comes so I enter the number I received in the previous SMS which of course fails authentication.


    So I log into my t-mobile account via the web and find that the virtual number is blocked since the phone was supposedly reported lost. I assume this is because of the failed attempts to configure the DIGITS app. So I click on "I found my device" in order to unlock it and it fails asking me to contact customer care.


    At this point I am giving up for the day. Will try again over the weekend.


    This process needs to be either improved or better documented, or better yet, both.

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