What functions does DIGITS do for the Gear S3. Will DIGITS mess any of the "normal" functions? In other words, is it better NOT to connect the Gear S3 to DIGITS? Is that possible?


    My Gear S3 was activated before the DIGITS beta and I'm setup for one line on multiple devices. I don't know if my watch is set up already as one of those devices when I applied to beta, but I think it was. I won't be actually using the watch until Christmas when I open it "officially" as my present (since the line and watch were activated pre-DIGITS at the store).


    So what might I expect? Are there any certain setting in my GS7 Gear app, the watch settings, or any settings or changes I should make to my DIGITS account or settings. I just want to use the watch the way it would usually be used with the GS7. For example, to make and receive calls from my main phone number (not the watch phone number), do texting, download and use watch apps, etc., without the DIGITS interfering or changing anything. That is unless using DIGITS adds to the watch's functions somehow. For example, I don't want to be getting duplicate SMS, or worse yet, only get SMS on the watch and stops SMS on the phone like I've seen some reports of here on this forum.


    So let me know please how to properly set up DIGITS, Gear S3, and GS7 for best operation. And please advise me on what to expect once I do start using my Gear S3 with my GS7 (both T-Mobile, by the way) so I can avoid any tech issues on Christmas day.


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