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    Could it be made some day where Digits can be used on a device with the same number?  It seems like an odd request I'm sure.  But at times when I am out of voice coverage I have access to WiFi and even LTE.  When these situations arise I use Google Voice as a backup for calls that I have to make.  Of course this does not show my real number nor does it allow incoming.  It would be nice in situations like this if the Digits app could be used over LTE or WiFi when voice is not available. 

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      • Sorry for the late response! I know there are some places that I go where I only have WiFi access and that would be awesome if I could still use my number. This may be a feature we integrate in the future, but until then you can use WiFi calling on a supported device to make those calls from your primary number. I do have some good news for you! The app will work over LTE! I hope this helps!

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            Thanks for the reply and hope to see it integrated in the future.  Unfortunately the reason I use Google Voice is because our phones aren't purchased at T-mobile.  Motorola nor Google phones support T-mobile WiFi.  I'd be happy just to have that option like the HTC I purchased from T-mobile years ago offered.  It worked great in the locations I currently have issues with. 

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