How much does the free iPhone 7 plus upgrade really cost


    How much does it really cost to upgrade?

    it says $0 but it's never really free, you pay taxes and fees right? anyone know close to the exact amount?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey esoreilla!  This is a totally reasonable ask - it's nice to know before you head to the store how much you're looking at as far as up front costs are concerned.  Sorry to have left you hanging here!  To purchase an iPhone 7 Plus, the amount you pay up front will vary depending on the financing program you're using (EIP or JUMP! On Demand), the memory variant you choose, the tax rate in your area, and your credit standing.  The possible dollar amount varies so widely that it's really difficult to provide an estimate without simply walking through the process.  If you're an existing customer and want to get an idea of what you might be spending out of pocket, the easiest way to do it is just to walk through the order on MyT-Mobile - is that an option for you, or something you've already tried?


        - Marissa